Typical Brazilian Festivals

Brazil is a country with many cultures and traditions. All this diversity gives us a culture with various festivities and events throughout the year, let’s meet some of them!


1- Carnaval

Carnaval do Brasil is the largest popular festival in the country. The party takes place over four days, with performances by samba schools and dance blocks. 

Image of Carnaval.

2- Festa Junina

The Festa Junina is a traditional popular festival that takes place during the month of June. This celebration is common in all regions of Brazil. There are dances, food and typical clothes. Foods are usually derived from corn, such as cakes and sweets.


3- Folk Festivals 

Throughout the territory of Brazil there are several folk festivals, they have many costumes and folk dances and are based on popular legends in each region.

                                         Image of Festa Junina, a typical Brazilian party.

4- Rodeo Show

It is popular in some regions and locations in Brazil, especially in the countryside.

There is a horse riding competition in Bulls, where the one who stays the longest without falling wins. The party is a promoter of Brazilian Country music, with the presence of singers and artists of the genre.

                                  Image of Rodeio, very popular in the countryside of Brazil.