Inside New Global Volunteer Programs

Our volunteer exchange programs are undergoing a renewal. But don’t worry, we’ll explain everything to you and let you know the changes that are taking place.



In this article, you will learn about the new programs and features of each of them!

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AIESEC in Brazil will work with 10 types of volunteer projects, it helps the UN Sustainable Development.

                                            UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Heartbeat: This project works directly with SDG 3, the main objective is to promote the prevention of non-communicable diseases and the importance of mental health.


Global Classroom: Project aimed at SDG 4, promoting the importance of quality education for people of all ages and ensuring quality educational opportunities.


Youth 4 impact: Works with SDG 4, with the objective of giving attention to the need for quality education for all and promoting the values of global citizens.


Raise your voice: Works with SDG 5. Aims to raise awareness about issues related to gender and promote initiatives to work on solutions to end gender inequality.


Skill up!: This project works with SDG 8, providing young people with skills training needed to qualify for decent employment, and career guidance.


Equify: This project works with S10, has the objective of bringing discussions about inequality and promoting the local initiative to fight the discrimination and inequality in the community.


Green leaders: This project works with SDG 13, aims to educate the communities on climate change and also creating action plans to reduce damage to the environment.


Aquatica: This project works with SDG 14, aims to provide communities living near marine and coastal areas concrete activities to improve sustainability.


Rooted: Project aimed at SDG 15, aims to provide guidance for communities to respond and act on the degradation of natural habitat.


Scale up!: Project aimed at SDG 17, aims to provide guidance and training for NGOs, non-profit organizations and local foundations to contribute to social impact in their communities.